Project Presentation

The Erasmus+ project “Positive Emotional Life for Active Aging” is aimed at enhancing the skills and expertise of educators, adult education personnel, and educational institutions. This project aims to play a significant role in promoting a well-balanced, healthy, and responsible aging process, with a particular emphasis on intercultural and intergenerational collaboration and education.

Drawing inspiration from the talents of others encourages individuals to recognize their own strengths and capabilities. By reaching out and identifying talent in others, opportunities and connections are established, while simultaneously helping individuals define their own unique talents. Therefore, our project places a strong emphasis on integrating seniors into social life.

It is worth noting that the elderly population has been particularly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, experiencing stringent lockdown measures. Many seniors endured extended periods of isolation due to COVID-19, leading to heightened risks of both mental and physical health issues. This vulnerable demographic not only grappled with loneliness and social isolation but also experienced heightened stress and depression.

Furthermore, unfortunately, the digital divide exacerbated the impact of these measures, amplifying the negative consequences. Consequently, the inclusion of seniors in adult education is now more critical than ever, and “Inclusion and Diversity” stand as our top priorities.

There is a clear and pressing need for both short-term and long-term measures to mitigate the negative consequences of the digital divide during this pandemic. The World Health Organization underscores the importance of creating opportunities to foster healthy aging in the midst of the pandemic.

Our project partners from Lithuania, Estonia, France, Italy, and Spain have collectively agreed on the overarching objective of supporting the educational, professional, and personal development of individuals engaged in education and training through lifelong learning. The specific objectives of this project include:

  1. Enhancing the competences of adult educators.
  2. Developing effective teaching and training materials for educators.
  3. Nurturing talents and cultivating creative skills among adult learners, with a special focus on seniors.
  4. Facilitating the inclusion of seniors in adult education.
  5. Improving the accessibility of high-quality learning opportunities for adults.
  6. Promoting awareness of cultural diversity in Europe.